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Our Story


What's in a Name?

South of the what? Aren’t we North of everything here in NH ?

The concept and business model of “South of the 6” is a love letter to Manchester inspired by the great Canadian city of Toronto. 

The locals’ nickname for Toronto (according to many elder millennials) is “The 6ix” – inspired by the 6 municipalities that comprise the Greater Toronto Area. Hip hop artist Drake coined the term back in the early 2010s. Technically, NH lies Southeast (and more East than South), but for the most part we orient ourselves in the U.S. as being South of Canada.  Hence, we are South of the 6ix.

Who We Are

Kate Mackenzie South of the 6.png

It makes sense to introduce owner Kate MacKenzie with a clear picture of her connection to the brand and what it stands for.


Kate was born in Canada to a Canadian father and an American mother. She grew up in Manchester, NH, and then left for Canada to attend University in Nova Scotia. In 2009, she moved to Toronto to live out the better half of her 20s. The years she spent in Toronto were full of shine, growth, discovery, adventure, wonder. She mostly credits the city itself for the magic of those years. It is a world-class city, it is multicultural, inclusive, provocative, cosmopolitan, innovative, inspiring, electric. Equipped with a background in event planning, small business management, and beauty, Kate hopes to evoke the spirit and electricity of Toronto at South of the 6.         

At its core, we begin with the belief that consumers deserve more from where they spend their time and money on services. The nail bar & café is a destination that dares to go beyond the traditional, with an emphasis on high touch customer service and exceptional group experience. Kate oversees the everything from the brand and the community to business development and nail bar & café operations.

- Kate MacKenzie


Tree Fort

The Tree Fort

No [wo]man is an island.

South of the 6 is located in the Fratello's building in Manchester's historic Mill District. We do nails, we do coffee, we do vibes. We are also 1 of a handful of other women-owned beauty and wellness businesses located here at 155 Dow St. In these corridors, you will find hot yoga (Humble Warrior!), massage, reiki & other healing modalities, and skincare. Featured below are a few of our faves.


Naomi of Sage Beauty infuses premier skincare with style and sass. She specializes in skin health + lash & brow treatments.

Breathe Massage Therapy

Alyssa of Breathe Massage Therapy offers peaceful massage treatments in a calming atmosphere while adding extra care to your focus areas.


Waxing Moon Esthetics

Danielle of Waxing Moon provides a full array of esthetics services, specializing in holistic skincare and hair removal.


April Adams is a women's CPTSD and trauma recovery specialist. She focuses on shadow work and inner child work. Her aim is to get her clients to a place where they can resolve triggers, not just cope. 

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