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WHAT IS SO  Non-Toxic

Sterilized Implements

All tools used during nail services are sterilized in a hospital grade autoclave. Implements are pre-cleaned with soap and water, dried, sealed into a sterilization envelope, and autoclaved. They remain sterile inside the envelope until a new client service begins. Autoclaving is the highest level of sterilization and is standard procedure at medical facilities in the U.S. (in accordance with AMA, FDA & EPA guidelines). This is the only process guaranteed to kill spores. Immersion disinfection, the standard practice used in salons, is not sufficient to completely eradicate all microbial life.

  • LED-UV lamps are used for gel polish, with a high LED bulb count to minimize excess UV exposure.

  • Files & buffers: One-time use.

conscious beauty

All nail products are not created equal. Ingredients matter for our food and skincare, as they should for our nailcare. This is why we feel strongly when it comes to which polish lines we use. Our products at a minimum are either 5, 7, or 9-free; and we know that if given the option, clients want less exposure to toxins. Not only is this a critical component of self- care, but our talented nail technicians also reduce the risk of compromised health by working with less toxic products.

You won’t ever walk in to South of the 6 and experience unpleasant odors from acrylics or see our beauty team using dust-cloud-creating drills...we do not use acrylics and e-files are not necessary for the superior quality of the polish and enhancement products we use.

Absence of whirlpool pedicure sinks

No matter how thoroughly cleaned, dangerous bacteria thrives in the plumbing and filters of whirlpool jets. Therefore, we have chosen ceramic pedicure basins that can be thoroughly cleaned between clients and are guaranteed not to harbor bacteria.

5, 7, 9-Free – What it all Means

Generally nail polish will, at the very least, be 3 Free. This means that the nail polish is free of what is known as the “Toxic Trio”, which are Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene. These ingredients are commonly used to assist in reducing cracking and improving flexibility. Chip-free formulas that are available for consumer usage at major retailers often still contain these ingredients.

  • 5-Free nail polish is the modern standard. While still free of the “Toxic Trio”, it is also free of formaldehyde resin and camphor.

  • 7-Free is formulated without ethyl tosylamide and xylene.

  • 9-Free is formulated without parabens or acetone.

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